Petrodynamix Engineered Products division, helps our customers in:

  • Augmenting manufacturing capacities in times of high demands.
  • Optimizing capacities by moving high cost products overseas.
  • Lowering manufacturing costs by shifting to low cost countries.

This group manufactures products to customer specifications and requirements. Products include:

  • Fully Machined components made to customer drawings.
  • Specialized Forgings for wellheads, pump ends, connectors, etc. These are made by closed die, open die, ring rolling methods and can be supplied in raw, semi finished or fully machined condition.
  • Castings for valve bodies, pumps impellers, volutes and other pressure parts. These can be supplied in as-cast, semi finished or fully machined condition.
  • Investment cast products.
Machined Parts   Forgings & Castings
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