• Tubing Hangers
    Tubing hangers are installed in the top bowl of a Tubing Spool through the Blow Out Preventers. Tubing hangers serve two functions-they suspend the tubing and provide an annulus seal between the tubing and production casing.
    • PD-TC-1W
      Petrodynamix offers the popular type TC-1W wrap around tubing hanger. The seal between the pipe and the hanger is obtained by energizing the ET lockdown screws in the spool.

Other tubing hangers offered as optional are:

    • TC-1A
      TC-1A is a mandrel hanger with an automatic load actuated pack off. These can be supplied with BPV preparation. TC-1AEN hangers have an extended neck with different kinds of sealing arrangements.
    • BO-2
      The BO-2 tubing head adapter is used for high pressure completions along with BO-2 threaded couplings. These couplings have tubing threads in the top and bottom along with a BPV preparation.
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