Products & Services-Overview
Petrodynamix services the global markets through the following operating groups:

  • Agency Products Group (APG)
    This group uses our agency network and intimate knowledge of specific markets to distribute leading brands of products such as Backpacker Hydrotesting Units, Sucker Rod BOPs, Couplings, Special alloy parts (Stellite, Tungsten Carbide), etc.
  • Manufactured Products Group (MPG)
    This group supplies products manufactured to generic designs such as wellheads, Christmas tree components, valves, pup joint and couplings, pipes, hammer unions and other pressure and flow control products. All products are based on field proven designs and provide parts interchangeability.

    We supply close die and open die forgings for most wellheads, Christmas tree components and valves. These can be supplied as forged, proof machined or fully machined condition. Our forge shops have house dies for many of the products thereby saving costly tooling.

    We also supply castings for bodies and high pressure products as well as investment castings for critical components.
  • Engineered Products Group (EPG)
    This group manufactures products and components to customer specifications and requirements. We also provide engineering services. Products and services include

    • Fully Machined components made to customer drawings.
    • Specialized Forgings for wellheads, pump parts, connectors, etc. These may be made by closed die, open die, ring rolling methods and supplied as forged, semi finished or fully machined condition.
    • Castings for valve bodies and other oilfield equipment. These can be supplied in as-cast, semi finished or fully machined condition.
    • Investment cast products.
    • Parts┬ásuch as gates, seats, stems, studs, bonnets, fittings, gauges etc.
    • Engineering Services: ┬ásuch as 3-D modeling, drafting, O&M manuals etc. This is mainly a service provided to our customers to help reduce their turnaround time and costs.
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