Petrodynamix has three operating groups:
  • Agency Products Group (APG)
    Represents leading companies for different market segments. This group also does product sourcing for specific projects.
  • Manufactured Products Group (MPG)
    Supplies products manufactured to generic designs such as Wellheads, Christmas Tree components, Valves, Pup Joints, Crossovers, Ball valves etc.
  • Engineered Products Group (EPG)
    This group supplies raw forgings, castings and fully machined products to customer specifications. We also provide engineering services.
Petrodynamix’s success is attributed to its strong commitment to customer satisfaction both in the quality of products and in our rapid responses. Attributes that differentiate us from the others are:
  • Proven product designs and operating experience
  • Focused market segments
  • Global manufacturing resources
  • Strong quality culture
  • Ethical business practices
Petrodynamix’s representation of premier brands, is testimony to the trust our customers and principals have, in our capabilities.

Our worldwide network of representatives and distributors help us react quickly to your needs and to comply with local regulatory requirements for documentation.

Our manufacturing alliances in China and India, help us deliver products at very competitive prices. Our vendor qualification is based on third party certification (where applicable). In addition we constantly monitor vendor performance.

These attributes help us achieve an unparalleled level of customer service and satisfaction.

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